Raga Chromesthesia Sander Bos

Raga Chromesthesia

Chromesthesia is a form of synesthesia in which heard sounds are transformed into an experience of colour. In this one word I find sound and visual language united.

Here follows an example of my own experience with this phenomena:

When I listen to Indian virtuoso like Ravi Shankar I find that there is an element in there that is very organic and sometimes even profoundly visual. One time when I was in a deep trance listening to one of Ravi's wild performances I realized that its not only about music, the guy is building temples! Very complex geometrical structures that seemed to be made out of light were starting to materialize in my minds eye. The sound of the sitar was the catalizer of very complex shapes and colors.

In this performance I'm simulating this experience, combining live sitar music with immersive virtual reality environments. The sound of the sitar is a guiding aid that lets the viewer journey through completely new dimensions of light and beauty.